Reggae Music

Name Origin

Chipko is an east Indian word meaning 'cling to' and protect.  The Chipko movement was linked to a tribe of people in the 1700's who believed nature needed to be protected.  In the 1970's a group of elder women lost their lives trying to stop demolition of forests their livelihood depended on.

Jones represents the status quo.

Chipko Jones represents a change in our collective thinking that makes the protection of mother nature our new status quo.  One way society changes it's collective thinking is through the arts.  If you listen closely to the band's messages and hear their intentions in their music, you may get an idea of this change they are attempting

The Music

Chipko Jones plays upbeat dance music - Roots Reggae, Calypso, Ska, Samba - Essentially they are a Soul Project.  Their intention is to send positive vibes into the world.
Chipko has a consistent core of musicians that give input into the music, and there are also periphery musicians who bring their unique talents from time to time.  

Chipko Jones is a diverse and ever changing band with a growing vision and will be creating new sounds for years to come.  You'll probably never see a repeat show from these guys...